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Bloco Musical 00:05
Till Bronner (Alemanha) = Come Dance With Me (Cd The Good Life)
Alice Russell = Twin Picks (CdTo Dust)
Milton Nascimento = Ooh Child (cd Crooner)
Anne Schnell e Jojo Effect = Ein Kleines Wackeln Mit Dem Po (Cd May I Think Of You)
US3 (Inglaterra) = I Am Thinking About Your Body

Bloco Musical 00:25
Zelia Duncan = Distracao (Cd Pre Pos tudo Bossa Band)
Fkj e Tom Misch = Losing My Way
George Levin = I Got Somebody New (Cd Cant Hold Back )
Amy Winehouse = Our Day Will Come (Cd Amy Winehouse Tribute)
Nick Waterhouse = It Number Three (Cd Holly)

Bloco Musical 00:45
Charlotte Gainsbourg = Bombs Away
The Brand New Heavies = Have a Good Time (Cd Brothersister)
Zeca Baleiro = Calma Ai Coracao (Cd O Disco do Ano)
Delicatessen = Do It Again (Cd Jazz And Bossa)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Stranger ( cd A Book Like This )

Bloco Musical 01:05
Latin Aotearoa (Nova Zelandia) = Something About You (Cd Sonido de Latina Aotearoa)
India Dot Arie = Summer (Cd Testimony Volume One)
Leoni = A Chave Da Porta Da Frente (Cd Outro Futuro)
Joan Osborne = Ill Be Around
Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals = Bones (Cd Call It What It Is)

Bloco Musical 01:25
The Fort Knox Five = The Brazilian Hipsters (Cd Costes 7)
Etta James = Hochie Coochie Gal (Cd Life Love and the Blues)
Marina Lima e Pat Macdonald = Nightie Night (Cd O Chamado)
John Mayer = Something Like Olivia (Cd Born And Raised)
Meshell Ndegeocello = Leuiticus

Bloco Musical 01:45
Os Paralamas do Sucesso = Refazenda (Cd Songbook Gilberto Gil)
Cassandra Wilson = Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Steve Winwood = Bully ( Cd About Time )
Tape Five = Pantaloons (Cd Tonight Josephine)
Joe Cocker = High Lonesome Blue (Cd Organic)

Bloco Musical 02:05
Joao Gilberto = Sem Compromisso (Cd Live In Montreux)
Hailey Tuck = Sunday Morning (EP Hailey Tuck)
Son Little = O Mother (Cd Son Little)
Touch And Go = Are You Talking About Me ( Cd I Find You Very Attractive )
Manuel Volpe Rhabdomantic Orchestra = Basrah (Cd Albore)

Bloco Musical 02:25
Madeleine Peyroux = Instead (Cd Bare Bones)
Paul Weller = Wishing On a Star
Chico Buarque = Dura Na Queda (Cd Carioca)
Brooke Fraser (Nova Zelandia) = Still In Love (Cd What To Do With Daylight)
Bon Iver = Calgary (Cd Bon Iver)

Bloco Musical 02:45
Pink Martini = Hey Eugene (Cd Hey Eugene)
Playing For Change e Keb Mo = Biko (Cd Sons Around The World)
Marisa Monte = Volte Para o Seu Lar (Cd Mais)
Happin Hood e Claudio Zoli = No Role (Cd Sujeito Homem)
Hooverphonic (Belgica) = Georges Cafe (Cd The Night Before)

Bloco Musical 03:05
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 05

Bloco Musical 03:25
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 02.mp3

Bloco Musical 03:45
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 03

Bloco Musical 04:05
Gilberto Gil e Caetano Veloso = Cinema Novo
Eric Clapton = Got You On My Mind (Forever Man)
Simply Red (Inglaterra) = I Have The Love (Cd Songs Of Love)
The Piano Guys = Paradise
Zee Avi (Malasia) = Concrete Wall (Cd Ghostbird)

Bloco Musical 04:25
Chet Faker (Australia) = Gold (Cd Built On Glass)
Janis Joplin = Me And Bobby Mcgee
Thedy Correa = Esses Mocos ( Cd Loopcinio )
Pete Murray ( Australia ) = Saving Grace ( Cd Summer At Eureka )
Stacey Kent = So Nice ( Cd A Fine Romance)

Bloco Musical 04:45
Terence Trend Darby = Delicate ( Cd Symphony Or Damn )
Thievery Corporation = Take My Soul (CD Culture Of Fear)
Luiz Meira = Calcanhar De Aquiles
Bent e Billie Holiday = Speak Low (Cd Emiliano 3)
Crosby Stills And Nash = Wasted On The Way (cd Daylight Again)

Bloco Musical 05:05
Mark Knopfler = You Cant Beat the House (CD Get Luck)
Jazzistics e Karen Souza = Personal Jesus ( Cd Jazz And 90s )
Federico Aubele (Argentina) = Tan Dificil (Cd Panamericana)
A Girl Called Eddy = Tears All Over Town (Cd A Girl Called Eddy)
Michael Franti e Spearhead = Gloria

Bloco Musical 05:25
Maria Gadu e Sergio Mendes = Meu Rio (Cd Magic)
Christian Gregory = Wont Get Nowhere (Ep Count On You)
Van Morrison (Irlanda) e PJ Proby = Whatever Happened to PJ Proby (Cd Duets)
Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) Radio Utopia e Bajka = Human Loss and Gain (Zoo Zizaro)
Tom Petty = Its Good To Be King ( Cd Wildflowers )

Bloco Musical 05:45
Musica Ligeira = You Are Going To Lose That Girl
The James Hunter Six = So They Say
Maria Rita = Nao Deixe O Samba Morrer (DVD Samba Meu)
Bill Gable = All The Posters Come Down (CD There Were Signs)
Sabrina Starke = So Magical (Cd Bags And Suitcases)

Bloco Musical 06:05
The Jolly Boys = Do It Again (Cd Great Expectations)
Dida (Israel) = Spring Time Slumber (Cd Modern Love Songs)
Silva = A Cor Eh Rosa (Cd Silva – Brasileiro)
Thomas Dybdahl = But We Did (Cd Whats Let Is Forever)
Mosquitos = You You You

Bloco Musical 06:25
Aloe Blacc e Song Around The World = Dock Of The Bay C.mp3
Rosalia de Souza e Marcos Valle = Que Bandeira (Cd Brasil Precisa Balançar)
Joni Mitchell e Seal = How Do You Stop ( Cd Turbulent Indigo )
Karen de Souza = Do You Really Want To Hurt me ( Cd Jazz And Eighties )
The Cadillac Kings = Wasted (Cd The Secret Of My Success)

Bloco Musical 06:45
Martnalia = Os Sinais (Cd Nao Tente Compreender)
Manu Chao e Mano Negra (Franca) = Guayaquil City
Norah Jones = Carry On (Cd Daybreaks)
Rhythms Del Mundo e Editors = Walk On The Wild Side (Cd Rhythms Del Mundo Classics)

Bloco Musical 07:05
Celso Fonseca e Ronaldo Bastos = O Que Restou Do Nosso Amor (Cd Bossa Dubas Volume 3)
Angie Stone = Karma (Cd Stone Love)
Jesper Munk (Alemanha) = Drunk On You (Cd For In My Way It Lies)
Ean Golden e Rueber Dear = She Drives Me Crazy

Bloco Musical 07:25
Adriana Calcanhoto = Margem
Toco e Nina Miranda = Rainha (Single Remix)
Willie Nelson = Lady Luck (Cd Gods Problem Child)
Parov Stelar (Austria) e Odette Di Maio = Faith
The War And Tready = Set My Soul On Fire (Cd Down To The River)

Bloco Musical 07:45
Mylo = Valey Of The Dolls (Cd Ultra Chilled)
Fernanda Porto = Giramundo
Bradley Cooper = Maybe Its Time (Cd A Star Is Born Sountrack)
Curtis Mayfield = Just A Little Bit Of Love
Nouvelle Vague = Algo Familiar (Cd I Could Be Happy)

Bloco Musical 08:05
Nu Braz = Baticumbum (Cd Bossa Dubas Volume 3)
Pink Turtle (Franca) = Sir Duke (Cd Back Again)
Roger Waters = Wait For Her (Cd Is This The Life We Really Want)
Moby e Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) = The Perfect Life (Cd Innocents)
Dido = US Two Little Gods (Cd Safe trip Home)

Bloco Musical 08:25
Nakhane = Presbyteria
Madonna = Nothing Fails (Cd American Life)
Charles Pasi = From The City (Cd Bricks)
Luiz Melodia = Feeling Da Musica ( Cd Retrato Do Artista Quando Coisa )

Bloco Musical 08:45
Shannon Shaw = Broke My Own (Cd Shannon In Nashville)
Neil Young = Comes a Time (Cd Comes A Time)
Phil Collins = Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Cd Going Back)
Morrissey = The Girl From Tel Aviv Who Wouldnt Kneel (Cd Low In High School)
Ney Matogrosso = Partido Alto ( Cd Um Brasileiro )

Bloco Musical 09:05
Moodswings e Chrissie Hynde = Spiritual High State Of Independence
Morcheeba = To Be Cd Head Up High)
Pedro Abrunhosa ( Portugal ) e Lenine = Diabo No Corpo (Cd Palco)
Imany = Hey Little Sister (Acoustic Version)
U2 (Irlanda) = Angel Of Harlem (Cd Rattle And Hum)

Bloco Musical 09:25
Ambar Lucid = A Letter To My Younger Self
Herbert Vianna = Speed Racer (cd Santorini Blues)
Carly Simon = Halfway Round The World ( Cd Letters Never Sent )
The Teskey Brothers = Love Her With A Feeling (Cd Half Mile Harvest)

Bloco Musical 09:45
Bossa Cucanova = Eu Quero Um Samba (Cd Uma Batida Diferente)
Cory Bonanno = Some Say
Deep Dive Corporation (Alemanha) e Michelle Adamson = Pirates (Cd More Bass)
Chris Cornell = Nothing Compares To You
Polo and Pan = Plage Isolee (Soleil Levant)

Bloco Musical 10:05
Ed Motta = Baixo Rio (cd Remixes & Aperitivos)
Zap Mama (Zaire e Belgica) e Talib Kweli = Yelling Away (Cd Ancestry In Progress)
Nuri Andaburi (Colinas de Golan) = Ruh Bladi (Cd Toot Ard)
Michael Buble (Canada) e Sharon Jones = Baby You Ve Got What It Takes
Caro Emerald = Close To Me (Acoustic)

Bloco Musical 10:25
Brooklyn Funk Essentials = No Strings
Sinead O Connor (Irlanda) = Your Green Jacket (Cd I m Not Bossy I m The Boss)
Suede = Everything Will Flow (Cd Head Music)
Herbie Hancock e Ceu = Tempo de Amor (Cd Imagine Project)

Bloco Musical 10:45
Nick Waterhouse = Hands On The Clock (Cd Holly)
Sarah Vaughan e Gotan Project = Whatever Lola Wants ( Cd Verver Remixed 2 )
Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Telefonia (Cd Salvavidas De Hielo)
Selah Sue = On the Run (Ep Raggamuffin).
Sting = Englishman In New York

Bloco Musical 11:05
Satin Jackets e Chris Jylkke (Suica) = Rolling In The Deep
Leo Dressel = Change My Mind (Cd Relax Leo)
Federico Aubele (Argentina) = Postales (Cd Ultra Chilled)
Dan Auerbach = Cherrybomb (Cd Waiting On A Song)
Dire Straits = Water Of Love (Cd Dire Straits)

Bloco Musical 11:25
Aldous Harding = The Barrel (Cd Designe)
Zeca Baleiro = Proibida Pra Mim
Basia (polonesa) = Reward
Playing For Change = Stand By Me (CD Playing For Change Live)
Elastic Bond = In Your Eyes (Cd Real)

Bloco Musical 11:45
Gilberto Gil = Maquina De Ritmo ( Cd Banda Larga Cordel )
Solomon Burke e Ben Harper = A Minute To Rest And a Second To Pray (Cd Like a Fire)
Hindi Zahra (Marrocos) = Un Jour (Cd Homeland)
Caracol (Canada) = Could You Be Loved

Bloco Musical 12:05
Tok Tok Tok (Alemanha) = She And He (Cd She And He)
Blank and Jones e Howard Werth = I Had A Dream (Cd Relax Edition Seven)
Affonsinho = La Em Yesterday (Cd Tropico de Peixes)
Zaz (Franca) = Cette Journee (Cd Recto Verso)
Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = Summertime

Bloco Musical 12:25
Tribalistas = Fora da Memoria (Cd Tribalistas Ao Vivo)
Tom Misch = You re On My Mind (Cd Geography)
Amy Winehouse = Valerie (Live Lounge)
Tom Ze = Sao Sao Paulo (Cd Imprensa Cantada)

Bloco Musical 12:45
Adriana Calcanhoto = Maresia (cd Publico)
Leonard Cohen (Canada) = Stages (Cd Cant Forget)
Bonnie Raitt = Need You Tonight (Cd Dig In Deep)
Terry Callier = Live With Me
Robben Ford = Birds Nest Bound (Cd Bringing It Back Home)

Bloco Musical 13:05
Bryan Ferry = Driving Me Wild (Cd Avonmore)
Leftover Cuties = Fidelity (EP Departures)
The Wallflowers = Love Is a Country (Cd Glad All Over)
Tuck And Patti = Learning How To Fly ( Cd Learning How To Fly )

Bloco Musical 13:25
Criolo = Eterea
Maria Rita = Minha Alma ( CD Segundo )
Vulfpeck e Antwaun Stanley = Wait For The Moment (Cd My First Car)
Sade (Anglo-nigeriana) e Fun Lovin Criminals = King Of Sorrow
The Smithereens e Belinda Carlisle = Blue Period (Cd 11)

Bloco Musical 13:45
Belo Velloso = Send Me Some Lovin ( Cd Um Segundo )
Toots And The Maytals e Willie Nelson = Still Is Still Moving To Me (Cd True Love)
Minimatic = Didnt It Rain (Cd Practise Your Swing)
Dido = New York City (Cd Greatest Hits)
Genesis = I Know What i Like (1973)

Bloco Musical 14:05
Jimi Tunnell e Bob Belden = Kiss (Cd Blue Note Plays Prince)
Sola Rosa (Nova Zelandia) = Spinning Top (Cd Low And Behold High And Beyond)
Cazuza = Blues Da Piedade
Jack Johnson = Gather (Cd All The Light Above It Too)
Braddigan = Falling ( Cd Watchfires )

Bloco Musical 14:25
Ambar Lucid = Eyes
Joao Bosco e Djavan = Corsario ( Cd Obrigado Gente )
Zoowax = Taxi Driver (Cd Zoowax)
Rolling Stones e Dave Matthews = Memory Motel
Morcheeba = Blaze Away (Cd Blaze Away)

Bloco Musical 14:45
Paulinho Moska = Impaciente Demais
Acustic Ambient Music = Come As You Are (Cd Acustic Ambient Experience)
Baaba Maal (Senegal) = Souka Nayo
Simply Red (Inglaterra) = Shine On (Cd Big Love)

Bloco Musical 15:05
Tim Maia = Nobody Can Live Forever
Kinny e Horne (Noruega) = Forgetting To Remember (Cd Forgetting To Remember)
Nick Waterhouse = Aint Is There Something That Money Can t Buy (Cd Holly)
David Byrne = Dont Fence Me In
Caro Emerald = Pack Up The Louie (Cd The Shocking Miss Emerald Deluxe Edition)

Bloco Musical 15:25
Keb Mo e Rosanne Cash = Put a Woman In Charge (Cd Put a Woman In Charge)
The Sundays = Goodbye (Cd Blind)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Do Without (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)
Gerardo Frisina = Luz da Joaca

Bloco Musical 15:45
Hess Is More (Dinamarca) = Dont Tell (Cd Denial)
Jojo Effect e Iain Mackenzie = More Or Less (Cd Atlantic City Flow)
Celso Fonseca = Beleza Rara (Cd DVD Voz e Violao)
Blue Harlem e Imelda May (Irlanda) = My Baby Just Cares For Me (Cd Jump Jack Jump)
Paul McCartney = New

Bloco Musical 16:05
Van Morrison = Evening Shadows (Cd You re Driving Me Crazy)
Macy Gray = That Man (Cd The Sellout)
Luiz Melodia = Esse Filme Eu Ja Vi ( Cd Retrato Do Artista Quando Coisa )
Mika = Lola (Cd The Origin Of Love)
Alex Gopher (Franca) = The Child ( Cd You My Baby e I )

Bloco Musical 16:25
Brooklyn Funk Essentials = No Strings
Ceu = Perfume Invisivel (Cd Tropix)
Jeff Tweedy = Summer Noon (Cd Sukierae)
Aretha Franklin = I Say A Little Prayer

Bloco Musical 16:45
14 Bis e Samuel Rosa = Bola De Meia, Bola De Gude (cd Bis)
Pacha Massive = Dont Let Go (Cd All Good Things)
Iva Lamkum (Nova Zelandia) = Why Do We Fall In Love (Cd Black Eagle)
Speech = Redemption Song (Cd Hoopla)
Lorde (Nova Zelandia) = Royals (Ep The Love Club)

Bloco Musical 17:05
Marisa Monte e Rodrigo Amarante = O Que Se Quer (Cd O Que Voce Quer Saber de Verdade)
Jehro (Franca) = Master Blaster (Cd Jehro)
Ibeyi = I Wanna Be Like You (Cd Ash)
Patchworks = Summertime (Cd Nu Jazz Anthology)
World Party (inglaterra) = Sooner Or Later (Cd Bang)

Bloco Musical 17:25
Zelia Duncan = O Que Mereco
Lenny Kravitz = Cant Get You Off My Mind
Guts (Franca) = Light The Fire (Cd Paradise For All)
Fernanda Porto e Chico Buarque = Roda Viva (Cd Trilha Cabra Cega)

Bloco Musical 17:45
Jeff Beck e Joss Stone = I Put a Spell On You (CD Emotion And Commotion)
Boy George = Play Me (Cd This Is What I Do)
Arto Lindsay = Habite em Mim (Cd Salt)
Regina Spektor = One More Time With Feeling (Cd Far)
Tim Deluxe = Love Is (Original Mix)

Bloco Musical 18:05
Shannon Shaw = Freddies And Teddies (Cd Shannon In Nashville)
Joe Cocker = The Last One To Know (Cd Across From Midnight)
Karla Sabah = Invisiveis Cores (Cd E Com Esse Que Eu Vou)
Steve Vai = And We Are One (Cd Modern Primitive Passion Warefare)
Madeleine Peyroux = You Cant Do Me (Cd Bare Bones)

Bloco Musical 18:25
Santana = In Search Of Monalisa (Cd In Search Of Monalisa)
Zuco 103 = O Amor e o Medo (Cd Etno Chic)
Cunnie Williams = With Or Without You (cd Star Hotel)
Mayra Andrade (Cabo Verde) = Manga

Bloco Musical 18:45
Thedy Correa e Adriana Maciel = Recado Nao Aceito ( Cd Loopcinio )
Peter More = Caddis Moon
Nick Drake = Hazey Jane
Skye = Call Me (Cd Hollywood Mon Amour)
Mister Goodnite = Dominator

Bloco Musical 19:05
Coldplay = Anothers Arms (Cd Ghost Stories)
Susheela Raman = Waiting In Vain (Cd Collage)
Gilberto Gil e Cidade Negra = Extra (Cd Dueto)
Peter Bjorn And John = Breakin Point (Cd Breakin Point)
Air (Franca) = Love (Cd Love 2)

Bloco Musical 19:25
Mindchatter = Trippy
Izzy Gordon = Estrada Do Sol (Cd Aos Mestres Com Carinho)
Agoria e Phoebe Killdeer = Embrace
John Mayall = All Those Heroes (Cd Blues For The Lost)

Bloco Musical 19:45
Kad Achouri (Franca) = Mon Pere a Moi (Cd Lettre a Marianne)
Mick Hucknall = Let Me Down Easy (Cd American Soul)
Marina Lima e Martinho da Vila = Arco de Luz (Cd Acustico Mtv)
Norah Jones e Peter Malick Group = New York City Vibe Remix (Cd The Remix Album)
Minimatic = South American Joe (Cd Practise Your Swing)

Bloco Musical 20:05
Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals = Deeper And Deeper (Cd Call It What It Is)
Terence Trend Darby = Sign Your Name
Luisa Maita = Trilhos Urbanos (Cd A Tribute To Caetano Veloso)
Michael Buble e Black Thought = Nobody But Me (Cd Nobody But Me)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Snow (Cd Snow)

Bloco Musical 20:25
John Mayer = I Guess I Just Feel Like
Thalma De Freitas = O Samba Tai ( Cd Thalma De Freitas )
John Legend = We Just Dont Care (Bruno Be Remix)
Betty Novalis = Upside Down (Cd Songs I Love)
Vulfpeck e Theo Katzman = Lonely Town

Bloco Musical 20:45
Alta Fidelidade = Balança Pema ( Cd Alta Fidelidade)
Gotan Project = Tu Misterio (Cd Tango Three Point Zero)
Angelique Kidjo (Benin) = Refavela (Cd Black Ivory Soul)
Shazz (Franca) And Michael Robinson = Mirage (Cd Heritage)

Bloco Musical 21:05
3 Na Massa e Ceu = Doce Guia (Cd 3 Na Massa)
Sting e Shaggy = To Love And Be Loved (Cd 44 876)
Playing For Change e Keb Mo = Better Man (Cd Sons Around The World)
Sharon Jones e The Dap Kings = Making Up And Breaking Up (Cd Give The People What They Want)

Bloco Musical 21:25
Pet Shop Boys = The Forgotten Child (Cd Agenda)
Ze Ricardo = Azul (Cd Sete Vidas).
Imany = Ready For Love
Raphael Gualazzi (italia) = I Wanna Be Like You (Cd Jazz Loves Disney)
Jack Johnson = Do You Remember ( Cd In Between Dreams )

Bloco Musical 21:45
Hailey Tuck = All I Do
Wilco = Dawned On Me (Cd The Whole Love)
Lenine = A Ponte (Cd Acustico Mtv)
Macy Gray = Love Is Gonna Get You (Cd The Very Best of Macy Gray)
Blundetto (Franca) e Cornell Campbell = Good Old Days (Cd Slow Dance)

Bloco Musical 22:05
Vitor Ramil e Ney Matogrosso = Que Horas Neo Seo (Cd Foi No Mes Que Vem)
Carla Bruni (Italia) = Perfect Day (Cd French Touch)
Samuel J = Angel Song
Donald Fagen = New Frontier

Bloco Musical 22:25
Bedouine = One Of These Days (Cd Bedouine)
Willie Nelson = Lets Call The Whole Thing Off (Cd Summertime Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin)
Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = Fora da Ordem (Cd A Tribute To Caetano Veloso)
Jojo Effect e Brenda Boykin = Mr Smith (Cd Atlantic City Flow)
Thievery Corporation = Amerimacka (Cd It Takes A Thief)

Bloco Musical 22:45
Guts (Franca) = What Is Love (Cd Paradise For All)
Melody Gardot = Les Etoiles (Cd My One And only Thrill)
Carol Saboya e Ze Renato = Por Causa de Voce, Menina (Cd Presente)
Tosca (Austria) = Suzuki (Cd Suzuki)
Lenny Kravitz = Low (Cd Rise Vibration)

Bloco Musical 23:05
Amos Lee = Shout Out Loud (Cd Supply and Demand)
Dido = White Flag (Cd Life For Rent)
Cazuza = O Tempo Nao Para
Parov Stelar (Austria) e Billy Kern = Nowhere (Cd Seven And Storm)
Tiago Iorc = Ticket To Ride (Cd Let Yourself In)

Bloco Musical 23:25
Charles Pasi = All The Way (Cd Bricks)
The Chemical Brothers = One Too Many Mornings (CD Mantra Mix)
Adriana Calcanhoto e Erasmo Carlos = Ilegal Imoral ou Engorda ( Cd Erasmo Carlos Convida 2 )
FM Laeti = Show Me The Way ( NineOne remix )
Daniel Wilson = Trigger Dance (Ep Young Rubbish)

Bloco Musical 23:45
Zelia Duncan = Vi Nao Vivi (Cd Pre Pos Tudo Bossa Band)
Eric Clapton = I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine (Cd I Still Do)
Erykah Badu = Turn Me Away (Cd New Amerykah Part Two)
Rolling Stones = Angie