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Bloco Musical 00:05
Betty Novallis = I Just Call To Say I Love You (Cd Songs I Love)
Wilco = If I Ever Was A Child (Cd Schmilco)
Ceu = High Tide or Low Tide
The Teskey Brothers = Love Her With A Feeling (Cd Half Mile Harvest)
Hess Is More (Dinamarca) = Dont Tell (Cd Denial)

Bloco Musical 00:25
Gilberto Gil = o Seu Olhar (Cd Diadorim Noite Neon)
Moby = The Waste Of Suns (Cd Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt)
Saffire = Take It On Back (Cd The Uppity Blues Woman)
Caetano Veloso = Nothing But Flowers (Trilha de Meu Tio Matou Um Cara)
Sophie Zelmani = The Happy Woman Cries (Cd My Song)

Bloco Musical 00:45
Hevia (espanha) = El Garrotin (cd Tierra De Nadie)
Sting = Moon Over Bourbon Street
Djavan = Palco (Cd Aria)
Aretha Franklin e The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra = Respect (Cd A Brand New Me)
Speech = The Mountain Of Lonely (Cd Hoopla)

Bloco Musical 01:05
John Mayer = Shadow Days (Cd Born And Raised)
Sergio Mendes, India Dot Arie = Timeless (Cd Timeless)
Celso Adolfo e Milton Nascimento = Brasil, nome de Vegetal
Low = Nowhere Man
Federico Aubele (Argentina) e Melody Gardot = Somewhere Else (Cd 5)

Bloco Musical 01:25
Van Morrison (Irlanda) e Mark Knopfler = Irish Heartbeat (Cd Duets)
Natalie Cole = Gotta Serve Somebody
Nei Lisboa = Toda Forma De Poder ( Cd Carecas Da Jamaica )
The Excitements (Barcelona) = Ha Ha Ha (Cd Sometimes Too Much Aint Enough)
Bob Dylan = In The Summertime (Cd Shot Of Love)

Bloco Musical 01:45
Jana Linhares e Lenine = Barato Total (Tecnologiamor)
Sinead O Connor (Irlanda) = All Apologies
Cake = Walk On By ( Cd Prolonging The Magic )
Ayo (Alemanha) = How Many People (Cd Billie Eve)
Henri Salvador (França) = Jardin DHiver (Cd Chambre Avec Vue)

Bloco Musical 02:05
Adriana Calcanhoto = Vambora (Cd Maritmo)
Eric Clapton = Love In Vain (Cd Me and Mr Johnson)
Ben Watt = Hendra (Cd Hendra)
Brooke Fraser (Nova Zelandia) = Still In Love (Cd What To Do With Daylight)
Waldeck (Austria) = Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Cd Ballroom Stories)

Bloco Musical 02:25
Villa Black e Juanita Grande = Broken Wings (Pompougnac & Schillings Remix)
Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = Pain Is Temporary (Zoo Zizaro)
Maria Rita = Tá Perdoado (Cd Samba Meu)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = My Word For It (Cd Angus And Julia Stone)
Robben Ford e The Blue Line = Mystic Mile

Bloco Musical 02:45
U2 ( Irlanda ) = Stay ( Cd Zooropa )
Macy Gray = Here Comes The Rain Again (Cd Covered)
Ney Matogrosso = Nao Consigo (Cd Atento Aos Sinais)
Playing For Change = Groove In G (Cd Songs Around The World)
David Bowie = Lazarus (Cd Blackstar)

Bloco Musical 03:05
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 01

Bloco Musical 03:25
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 06

Bloco Musical 03:45
Itapema Informacao Nova = Bloco 01

Bloco Musical 04:05
Zeca Baleiro = Price Tag (DVD Calma Ai Coracao)
Jack Johnson = Questions ( Cd Curious George )
Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = How Was It For You (Cd Lilywhite Soul)
The Tone = Relax (Cd Lounge Session)
Norah Jones = Light As A Feather (Cd The Fall)

Bloco Musical 04:25
A J Croce = Coraline (Cd Cage Of Muses)
Evan Dando = Its About Time
Ed Motta = You Are Supposed To Be In Love ( Cd Chapter Nine )
Regina Spektor = One More Time With Feeling (Cd Far)
Seal = I Put A Spell On You (Cd Standards)

Bloco Musical 04:45
Pink Floyd = Comfortably Numb (Cd The Wall)
Vintage Trouble = Another Mans Words (Cd The Swing House Acoustic Sessions)
Marisa Monte Arnaldo Antunes e Carlinhos Brown = Carnavalia (Cd Tribalistas)
Olivia ( Singapura ) = Where Is The Love ( Cd A Girl Meets Bossanova )
Thievery Corporation = Amerimacka (Cd It Takes A Thief)

Bloco Musical 05:05
Sam Bush e Melonie Cannon = Psycho Girls And Psycow Boys ( Cd Moonshine Sessions )
Paul Weller = Dont Let Me Down (Cd Fly On The Wall)
Leoni = A Chave Da Porta Da Frente (Cd Outro Futuro)
Alice Russell = Two Steps (Cd Pot Of Gold Remixes)
David Gray (Inglaterra) = Whos Singing Now (Cd Foundling)

Bloco Musical 05:25
Legiao Urbana = Eu Sei (Cd Musica Para Acampamentos)
Matthew Halsall e Josephine Oniyama = As I Walk (Into Forever)
Aaron Neville = Ting A Ling (My True Story)
Yael Naim (Franca) = She Was a Boy (Cd She Was a Boy)
Dave Matthews Band = Where Are You Going (Trilha de A Herança de Mr Deeds)

Bloco Musical 05:45
Maria Gadu = Who Knew (Cd Multishow ao Vivo)
We Used To Make Things = Manchester (Cd We Used To Make Things)
Maria Luiza = Sonifera Ilha (Cd Maria Luiza)
Sting = a Thousand Years (cd Brand New Day)
Muse = Madness (Cd The Second Law)

Bloco Musical 06:05
Biah = Dans Mon Coeur (Terezinha) (Cd Carmin)
Simply Red (Inglaterra) = It s Only Love (Cd A New Flame)
Sade (Anglo-nigeriana) = Flower of The Universe
Reino Fungi = Mother Nature s Son (Cd Album Branco)
Mat McHugh (Australia) = A Pocket Full Of Shells (Cd Love Come Save Me)

Bloco Musical 06:25
Everlast = It Aint Easy (Cd Whitey Fords House Of Pain)
Rita Lee = Reza (Cd Reza)
Bruce Cockburn (Canada) = Let The Bad Air Out
Anne Schnell e Jojo Effect = Mystery (Cd May I Think Of You)

Bloco Musical 06:45
Boca Livre = Panis Et Circenses
John Mayer = Changing (Cd The Search for Everything)
Neil Young = My My, Hey Hey (Cd Live Rust)
Jaffa e Nina Simone = Black Is The Colour Of My True Loves Hair
Leonard Cohen (Canada) = You Got Me Singing

Bloco Musical 07:05
Howard = Mothers Wedding
Jamie Cullum (Inglaterra) = High And Dry (Cd Pointless Nostalgic)
14 Bis e Samuel Rosa = Bola De Meia, Bola De Gude (cd Bis)
Eva Be (Alemanha) = She Walks Alone (Cd Moving Without Traveling)
Father John Misty = Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution (Cd Pure Comedy)

Bloco Musical 07:25
Maribou State = Turnmills (Ep Kingdoms In Colour)
Roberta Sa e Pedro Luiz e a Parede = No Braseiro (Cd Braseiro)
Charles Pasi = Old Lady Paris (Cd Uncaged)
The Whitest Boy Alive = Golden Cage (Cd Dreams)

Bloco Musical 07:45
Marvin e Banda Sul = Harlem Shuffle (Cd Bossa And Stones)
Moby = This Wild Darkness (Cd Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt)
Zelia Duncan = Vou Tirar Voce do Dicionario (Cd Intimidade )
Morphine = Early To Bed (Cd Like Swimming)
Bliss (Dinamarca Suecia Guine Bissau) = Breathe (Cd Quiet Letters)

Bloco Musical 08:05
Daniel Wilson = Trigger Dance (Ep Young Rubbish)
Flunk (Noruega) = Blue Monday
General Elektriks (Franca) = Gathering All The Lost Love (Cd Good City For Dreamers)
Edie Brickell = Nothing
Robert Cray = To Be True (Cd This Time)

Bloco Musical 08:25
Jimi Tenor = Mysteria (Cd Order Of Nothingness)
Marcos Suzano = Quem (cd Sambatown)
Hidden Jazz Quartett e Bajka (India) = Soulosophy (Cd Raw and Cooked)
Son Of Dave (Canada) e Martina Topley Bird (Inglaterra) = Davil Take My Soul

Bloco Musical 08:45
Regina Spektor = Dont Leave Me (Cd What We Saw From The Cheap Seats)
Bebo Best e The Super Lounge Orchestra (Italia) = Whole Lotta Love ( Cd Sitar And Bossa )
Gilberto Gil = Voce e Eu (Cd Gilbertos Sambas)
Everything But The Girl = Get Me (Cd Amplified Heart)
Fat Freddys Drop = Slings And Arrows

Bloco Musical 09:05
FM Laeti = Sanctuary (Cd For The Music)
Sergio Mendes e John Legend = Please Baby Don’t (Cd Timeless)
Dj Mustafa e Mo Horizons = Por Causa De Você (Cd Ginga Brasileira)
Michael Kiwanuka = One More Night (Cd Love And Hate)
Gabriel Garzon Montano = Keep On Running (Cd Bishoune Alma del Huila)

Bloco Musical 09:25
Sabrina Starke = Live And Learn (Cd Underneath the Surface)
Toco = Samba Noir (Cd Outro Lugar)
Daft Punk e Parcels = Overnight
The Cranberries = Linger (Cd Something Else)
Van Morrison e Banda Them = Here Comes The Night

Bloco Musical 09:45
Marisa Monte = Volte Para o Seu Lar (Cd Mais)
Lo Fang = Look Away (Ao Vivo)
Meshell Ndegeocello = Who Is He And What Is He To You
Eric Clapton = I ve Got A Rock N Roll Heart (Cd Money And Cigarettes)

Bloco Musical 10:05
Alana Davis = Thirty Two Flavors (cd Blame It On Me).
Cloud Control (Australia) = Just For Now (Cd Bliss Release )
Dangelo = Cruisin (Cut The Sax Remix)
Santana e Dave Matthews = Love Of My Life (Cd Supernatural)
Donald Fagen = New Frontier

Bloco Musical 10:25
Delicatessen = Do It Again (Cd Jazz And Bossa)
The Reflex e B.B. King = The Thrill Is Gone
Oleta Adams = Blowin In The Wind (Cd Third Set)
Pink Turtle (Franca) = Sir Duke (Cd Back Again)

Bloco Musical 10:45
Jack Johnson = Never Know ( Cd In Between Dreams )
Supreme Beings Of Leisure = Calamity Jane (Cd Divine Operating System)
Simply Red (Inglaterra) = Sad Old Red (Cd Picture Book)
Twinset = Sunny
Jojo Effect e Anne Schnell = Baby Smile (Atlantic City Flow)

Bloco Musical 11:05
Morcheeba = Blaze Away (Cd Blaze Away)
RL Burnside = Bad Luck City (Cd Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down)
Susheela Raman = Waiting In Vain (Cd Collage)
Flora Cash = You re Somebody Else (Nothing Lasts Forever And It s Fine)
Arling e Cameron (Holanda) = Weekend (Cd Music For Imaginary Films )

Bloco Musical 11:25
Lemon = Suzie Q (Cd With a Twist)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Big Jet Plane (Ao vivo em Montreux)
Angie Stone = Oh Oh Child (Cd Covered In Soul)
The Piano Guys = Paradise

Bloco Musical 11:45
Dusty Springfield = Spooky
John Grant = You Dont Have To (Cd Pale Green Ghosts)
Pacha Massive = Dont Let Go (Cd All Good Things)
Phyllis Dillon = Perfidia
Philippe Solal (Franca) = Psycho Girls e Psycow Boys ( Cd Moonshine Sessions)

Bloco Musical 12:05
Paula Lima = Bom Mesmo é Amar (Cd Paula Lima)
Sting e Shaggy = Sad Trombone (Cd 44 876)
John Mayall com Chris Rea e Steve Miller = Early In The Morning (Cd Along For The Ride)
Amy Winehouse = You Know I m No Good (Ao Vivo na BBC)
Curtis Harding = Next Time (Cd Soul Power)

Bloco Musical 12:25
Madeleine Peyroux = Last Night When We Were Young (Cd Anthem
Tim Maia = Cross My Heart (Cd So Voce)
The Whitest Boy Alive = Don t Give Up (Cd Dreams)
Matt Simons = Catch and Release (Acustic Deepend Remix)

Bloco Musical 12:45
Cunnie Williams = With Or Without You (cd Star Hotel)
Ziggy Marley = Better Together (Ziggy Marley)
Maria Bethania = Debaixo Dagua (Cd Mar De Sophia)
Ray Charles e Leela James = Compared To What (Cd Genius And Friends)
Shawn Lee e The Superimposers = Dont Let That Feeling (Cd Sing A Song)

Bloco Musical 13:05
Myron And E = On Broadway (Cd Broadway)
Tok Tok Tok (Alemanha) = Get Back (Cd Revolution 69)
Caetano Veloso = O Samba e O Tango (Cd Fina Estampa Ao Vivo)
Fun Lovin Criminals = Scooby Snacks (CD Mimosa)
Lenny Kravitz = Cant Stop Thinkin About You (Cd Strut)

Bloco Musical 13:25
Gilberto Gil = Jacintho (Cd Ok Ok Ok)
Carla Cook = Can This Be Love
Mika = Lola (Cd The Origin Of Love)
Garbage = The World Is Not Enough (Chilled Out Remix)
Willie Bobo = Fried Neckbones And Some Home Fires

Bloco Musical 13:45
Toni Platao = Carne e Osso (Cd Caligula Freejack)
Alanis Morissette = Big Sur (Cd Havoc And Bright Lights)
Destroyer (Canada) = Tinseltown Swimming In Blood (Cd Ken)
Sufjan Stevens = They Are Night Zombies (Cd Illinois)

Bloco Musical 14:05
Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) e Maya Fadeeva = Save A Little Love For Me (Cd Chameleon)
J.J. Cale e Christine Lakeland = Does Your Mama Like To Reggae (Cd Grasshopper)
Zeca Baleiro = Era Domingo (Cd Era Domingo)
Lori Carson = I Saw The Light (Cd Everything I Touch Runs Wild)
Taj Mahal e Keb Mo = Dont Leave Me Here (Cd TajMo)

Bloco Musical 14:25
Laure Briard = Cravado (Cd Coracao Louco)
Speech = Real Love (Cd Hoopla)
Moby = The Ceremony Of Innocence (Cd Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt)
The Cranberries = When You re Gone (Cd Something Else)

Bloco Musical 14:45
Parov Stelar (Austria) = For All We Know
Suzanne Vega = Toms Diner
Sergio Britto e Rita Lee = Pura Bossa Nova (Cd Pura Bossa Nova)
Maroon Five = She Will Be Loved (Cd Rhythms Del Mundo)
Paul Simon = The Afterlife (Cd So Beautiful Or So What)

Bloco Musical 15:05
Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals = Deeper And Deeper (Cd Call It What It Is)
Regina Spektor = Hotel Song (Cd Begin To Hope)
Max de Castro = E o Caso de Perguntar (Cd Balanço Das Horas)
Eric Clapton = I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine (Cd I Still Do)
The Ray Mann Three (Alemanha) = Showya (CD Sketches)

Bloco Musical 15:25
Paulinho Moska = Em Voce Eu Vi (Cd Beleza e Medo)
Criolina = Fragil Como a Flor (Cd Radiola em Transe)
In-Grid = Tu Mas Promis (Cd La Voile Rouge)
De Phazz = In My Blood (Cd Black White Mono)

Bloco Musical 15:45
Clara Gurjao = Muito (Cd Ela)
The Teskey Brothers = Til The Sky Turns Black (Cd Half Mile Harvest)
George Michael = My Baby Just Cares For Me ( Cd Songs From The Last Century )
Caro Emerald = Black Valentine (Cd The Shocking Miss Emerald Deluxe Edition)
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = Just a Boy ( cd A Book Like This )

Bloco Musical 16:05
Nicola Conte (Italia) e Stefania Dipierro = Maracatu Atomico (Cd Natural)
2 Men 4 Soul = Ribbon In The Sky
Norah Jones = Say Goodbye (Cd Little Broken Hearts)
Mark Knopfler = El Macho
Calm Spirit = Marble (Ep Calm Spirit)

Bloco Musical 16:25
Everlast = Break It Down (Cd Whitey Fords House Of Pain)
Ney Matogrosso = Isso Nao Vai Ficar Assim (Cd Atento Aos Sinais)
Waldeck (Austria) = Addicted (Cd Ballroom Stories)
Ben L Oncle Soul (Franca) = Where Is The Love (Cd Play Electro Deluxe)

Bloco Musical 16:45
Marina Lima = Nem Luxo Nem Lixo (Cd Abrigo)
Hugo Kant e LostPoet = Leave Me Alone (Cd The Point Of No Return)
Mattafix = Living Darfur (CD Rhythm And Hymns)
Smoma (Italia) = Why Can t We Live Together (CD Casual Lounge)
Kad Achouri (Franca) = Mon Pere a Moi (Cd Lettre a Marianne)

Bloco Musical 17:05
2Raumwohnung (Alemanha) = Hotel Sunshine (Cd Nacht)
Simply Red (Inglaterra) = Never Never Love (Cd Life )
Cassia Eller = As Coisas Tao Mais Lindas
Fatboy Slim = The Joker ( Cd Palookaville )
Robert Cray Band = Love (Cd This Time)

Bloco Musical 17:25
Jose James = Use Me (Cd Lean On Me)
Jorge Drexler (Uruguai) = La Plegaria Del Paparazzo (Cd Bailar Em La Cueva)
Bonnie Raitt = Runaway
Linear John = Plates (Cd Hits With a Twist)

Bloco Musical 17:45
Marcia Salomon = Recado (Cd Geminiana)
Elvis Costello e The Roots = Sugar Wont Work (Cd Wise Up Ghost)
B B King e Vernon Reid = All You Ever Give Me Is The Blues (Cd Lucille And Friends)
David Byrne = Dont Fence Me In
Gare Du Nord (Belgica e Holanda) = More Than Madly (Cd Lilywhite Soul)

Bloco Musical 18:05
MPB 4 = Samba do Aviao (Cd Tom Jobim Lounge)
Van Morrison = Fame (Cd Roll With The Punches)
Imelda May (Irlanda) = Bury My Troubles (Cd Mayhem)
Tosca (Austria) = Suzuki (Cd Suzuki)
Zaz (Franca) = Je Veux (Cd Zaz)

Bloco Musical 18:25
Paul McCartney = Hand In Hand (Cd Egypt Station)
Thievery Corporation e Notch = Strike The Root (Cd The Temple of I And I)
Chris Isaak = Let Me Down Easy (Cd Always Got Tonight)
Gilberto Gil = Com Que Roupa (noel Rosa)

Bloco Musical 18:45
Ella Fitzgerald = Sunshine Of Your Love (Cd Sunshine Of Your Love)
Bryan Ferry = Loop De Li (Cd Avonmore)
Arícia Mess = Tentei (Cd Global Soul)
Mystic Diversions (Italia) e Mario Puccioni = Angel Soul
Ibeyi (Franca Cuba) e Kamasi Washington = Deathless (Cd Ash)

Bloco Musical 19:05
John Mayer = Perfectly Lonely (CD Battle Studies)
Leonard Cohen (Canada) e Paul Kalkbrenner = You Want It Darker
Celso Fonseca e Marcelo D2 = Viajando Na Viagem ( Cd Feriado )
Malia (Republica do Malaui) = I Feel It Like You
Al Green = Lets Stay Together

Bloco Musical 19:25
Zach Gill = Alright Soon (Cd Life In The Multiverse)
Lenine = Wave (Cd Tom Jobim Lounge)
Sabrina Starke = Foolish (Cd Yellow Brick Road)
The Magic Numbers = Undecided ( Cd Those The Brokes

Bloco Musical 19:45
Pete Yorn = Summer Was A Day (Cd ArrangingTime)
Diana King = Hey Jude ( Cd Tougher Than Love – 1995)
Djavan = Boa Noite (Cd Coisa de Acender)
Deep Forest = Freedom Cry (Cd Boheme)
Jojo Effect e Iain Mackenzie = Fallacy (Cd Atlantic City Flow)

Bloco Musical 20:05

Blank and Jones = April (Cd Milchbar Seaside Season Eight)
Leon Bridges = Coming Home (Cd Coming Home)
Roberta Sa = Essa Moca Ta Diferente (Cd Sambas e Bossas)
Salif Keita (Mali) = Ana Na Ming (La Funk Mob Remix)
FM Laeti = Show Me The Way ( NineOne remix )

Bloco Musical 20:25
Roger Daltrey = Where Is a Man To Go (Cd As Long As I Have You)
Herbie Hancock e Angelique Kidjo (Benin) = Safiatou
Roberto Coelho e Vanessa Falabella = Never There
Parov Stelar (Austria) e YAkoto (Alemanha) = Heavens Radio (Cd The Art Of Sampling)
Ze Ricardo = Just Fly (Cd Sete Vidas)

Bloco Musical 20:45
Lua = Se Tudo Pode Acontecer (Cd Lua)
Michael Franti e Spearhead = Crazy For You (Soulrocker Storyteller Sessions)
Cake = The Guitar Man (Cd Pressure Chief)
R.E.M. = Losing My Religion (Cd Unplugged Mtv)

Bloco Musical 21:05
Wagner Pa e Brazuca Matraca ( Espanha ) = Folia ( Cd Latin Louge )
Norah Jones = Tragedy (Cd Daybreaks)
U2 ( Irlanda ) = The Unforgettable Fire
Regina Spektor = Black And White (Cd Remember Us To Life)

Bloco Musical 21:25
Father John Misty = Please Dont Die
Mariana Aydar = Prainha ( Cd Kavita Um )
Willie Nelson = Something You Get Through (Cd Last Man Standing)
Nouvelle Vague = This Is Not A Love Song ( Cd Departure Lounge )
Colin Hay = Love Is Innocent (Cd Man And Work)

Bloco Musical 21:45
Playing For Change = Higher Ground (Cd Songs Around The World)
Chet Faker (Australia) = To Me (Built On Glass)
Poldoore = But I Do
Guts (Franca) = Nightmare Of Paris (Cd Le Bienheureux )
Katia B e Cecilia Spyer = Cais ( Cd Espacial )

Bloco Musical 22:05
Touch And Go = Life Is A Beach (Cd I Find You Very Attractive)
Nautilus e Sera Kalo = Little Bs Poem
Mo Horizons (Alemanha) = Ai Mi Morena
The Teskey Brothers = Pain And Misery
Paul Simon = Father And Daughter (Cd Surprise)

Bloco Musical 22:25
Angie Stone = Is This Love (Cd Covered In Soul)
Jamie Cullum (Inglaterra) = Singin In The Rain (Cd Twenty Something)
Ben L Oncle Soul (Franca) = Sympathique (Cd Select 2010 Music For Our Friends)
Phil Collins = Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Cd Going Back)

Bloco Musical 22:45
Robert Cray = Foul Play
Club Des Belugas (Alemanha) = Path Of Nothing (Fishing For Zebras)
Quincy Jones Brandy e Heavy D = Rock With You
Spengler = Good Things (Cd Shapes)
Sharon Jones e The Dap Kings = Give It Back (Cd I Learned The Hard Way)

Bloco Musical 23:05
Brooklyn Funk Essentials = The Creator Has A Master Plan (Cd Cool and Steady and Easy)
Julien Mueller = Fly Me To The Moon
Mick Jagger = Hide Away (Cd Goddess In The Door Way
SunSay (Ucrania) And John Forte = Wind Song
Gotan Project = La Viguela (Cd Lunatico)

Bloco Musical 23:25
Caro Emerald (Holanda) = Back It Up (Acoustic Sessions)
Northern Lights e Johnathan Edwards = Waiting In Vain (Cd Tribute To A Reggae Legend)
Walk Off The Earth (Canada) e Selah Sue (Belgica) = Cant Take My Eyes Off You
Angus And Julia Stone (Australia) = You Are The One That I Want

Bloco Musical 23:45
Ismael Lo ( Senegal ) e T. Meya = Africa ( Cd Hip Hop Meets World )
Jesper Munk (Alemanha) = Morning Coffee (Cd Claim)
Cassia Eller = Nasci para Chorar ( Cd Houve Uma Vez Dois Veroes )
Ben Harper And The Innocent Criminals = Bones (Cd Call It What It Is)
Eric Clapton = Bell Bottom Blues (Cd One More Car One More Rider)