Ouça mais uma vez o Lounge Itapema que foi ao ar no sábado, dia 06 de outubro. Entre os destaques do programa,  “Bent”, “CamelPhat”, “Roderic”, “Darkside”, “James Gruntz”, Nicolas Jaar, Miguel Migs, “The Chemical Brothers”, “Poolside”, “Bob Moses”, “2Raumwohnung” e muito mais.

O Lounge Itapema vai ao ar todo sábado, a partir das 10 da noite na Itapema FM, e tem apresentação de Edson Nunes com setlist assinado pelo DJ Thon Soriedem.

Aperte o play!

Bloco 01 e 02 – Setlist:

Bent = The Park (Cafe Del Mar Vol 18)
James Gruntz = City Lights (Cd Milchbar Seaside Season 10)
Darkside = A2
Visti And Meyland = Hand in Hand
Roderic and Isabel Sesma = Serendipity (Cd It All Depends)
CamelPhat and Elderbrook = Cola (Elderbrook Chilled Mix)
Ambala ft. Laidback = Walk With The Dreamers (Cd Chill Out Sit Back And Relax)
Rinocerose = Week End Of Sin (Cd futurino)
Moullinex = Take a Chance (Satin Jackets Remix)
Bob Moses = Heaven Only Knows
Danism = Love The Way (Crazy P. Remix)

Bloco 03 e 04 – Setlist:

Nicolas Jaar = Time For Us (Original Mix)
Crew Love ft. PillowTalk and Soul Clap = Smokers Delight
Polo and Pan = Nana (Cd Caravelle Deluxe)
Elekfantz = Work It Out
The Chemical Brothers = Battle Scars ( Cd We Are The Night )
Bob Moses = Back Down
Poolside = Do You Believe
Thon Soriedem = Sunset In Paradise (Original Mix)
Loui and Scibi Feat Nathalia = Giving You The Light (Original Mix).
Miguel Migs feat. Aya = The Distance (Cd Outside The Skyline)
Rami Deejay feat. Keely Timlin = Disengage (Original Mix)
2Raumwohnung = Hotel Sunshine (Cd Nacht)

Todos os programas são postados no Soundcloud do DJ Thon Soriedem.